Mining Your Future, is a TV Mini-Series showcasing the diverse career opportunities in the mineral exploration and mining industry. Each season we follow 3 unique jobs each week for 8 weeks – which means that from the comfort of your own couch, you discover first hand, over 20 of the 120 top paying job’s (average salary is over $100,000) in the country.

Relax as you travel with us to cities and remote locations few ever get to see all while meeting some of the co-workers and companies you could work with.

Airing every saturday in September and October. 

Filmed in stunning locations...

Filmed in stunning location, Mining Your Future, is a 30 minute show packed with remarkable facts about the mining industry and what it has to offer as a new career. Whether you are just finishing school or in the market for a professional change – the mineral exploration and mining industry, offers over 120 different career opportunities.



Tune in Wednesday Nights at 10:30pm starting Sept. 25th to discover a whole new potential!




Meet The Hosts...

Danielle has worked in the TV Film industry as an actress and model for many years bringing her fun personality to the table, while Maggie has created and produced hundreds of pieces as a producer, director and writer.

Join them for 8 weeks this fall to discover the in's and out's of 24 fantastic careers.

Danielle and Maggie have a lot of fun discovering the industry and these hand picked 24 diverse careers in their premiere season. While holding an immense respect for theses amazing individuals and the companies they work for, nor Danielle or Maggie are from the mining industry which makes for a lot of laughs and a very genuine fresh perspective on this very exciting and unique world.

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